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“The Character First session, where we talked about Orientation burst open such an AHA! moment for me. It's already transforming my writing, and I am eternally grateful." - Paige T.

"This was a highly instructive summit and did not simply regurgitate the same topics we've been fed over and over. There were topics I didn't even know were topics and speakers I'd never heard of and I loved that so much.” - Frances P.



"The 7 essential tips lecture was inspiring and helpful, the talk about plot payoff was incredibly organized and taught me a great deal, the lecture series organized by Daniel offered very easily digested ideas that simplified the conceptual side of creating a story. ” - Julia F.

“Hearing such a wide range of speakers talk about their craft with such passion. Listening to them gave me the enthusiasm and determination to keep going with the story I have lodged in my head.” - Zoe J.

6 days
28 speakers
6 categories

our four-day plot masterclass 

free and paid tickets available 

oct 22nd - 25th of 2020

this summit is your guide to the entire plot process

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Lynne “The 3 sessions on the character first novel were so timely for me and really helped me with a new story.”

Kayla M. "It has already enhanced my WIP for NaNoWriMo"

Adele S. “You covered everything. From how to write a novel to how to publish it. Great context. Very well organized. ” 

Leah S. “The conference provided a wealth of useful and inspiring information. It was fantastic!”

Charles S. “The memories were pleasantly surprising and inspiring because it was explained from different perspectives.”

Charlie K. “ All the resources were really useful and everyone was so warm and welcoming.”

Mary M. "I appreciated the hour or two breaks between the presentations because most of us are multi-tasking. I did miss one morning so have to catch up. The Plot Pass made that worry free.”

Patrick M. "It feels great! Lots of different ideas!"

This event is your complete guide to the plotting process 

It's miserable to be stuck re-writing chapter three again… and again...

Escape the Plot Forest mixes daily prompts, community support, and expert lectures. You'll finish the conference with specific, concrete goals for plotting your next draft.

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6 days
28 speakers
6 categories

The Big Problem with Writing Conferences

At some writing summits, you can watch a lot of great talks, but finish the event unsure how to apply the advice to your book, your writing, your life. After all, you've got stuff to do. You've got a lot on your plate: send that email to your boss, feed your demanding cats, scroll through social media in terror.

While each talk was great, you might wonder what to work on.

The Solution: The character-first novel seminar

 That's why, during Escape the Plot Forest, Daniel teaches his "Character-First Novel" seminar. Over three days of the summit, you'll get access to this training course for free: each lesson will guide you, via prompts and new techniques, to solve the problems in your current plot — or help you start your next book. You'll get specific, concrete advice that will get you writing.

He'll also follow up each lesson with tips on how each speaker's talk develops or adds to the lessons in the workshop.

When It Already Happened: Plotting Your Memoir 22 October 2020, 05:00 PM
Linda Lowen Founder, Always Wanted To Write
Surprise, Strangeness, and Story 24 October 2020, 08:30 PM
Meagan Cass, Samantha Edmonds & Saba Razvi
Memoir Masterclass w Linda Lowen 28 October 2020, 03:00 PM
Plot Pass
Micro-obstacles and Flow 25 October 2020, 12:00 AM
Rosemary Instructor, writers.com

With 11 experts, the techniques you need are just a click away

Our experts will share their years of knowledge, strategies and tactics. And they have one goal: to help you tell a better story.

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